for glass building exterior facades


Tecnoclean 2002/60 is an enhanced version of the Tecnoclean 3360 product, formulated for the external façades of glass buildings and other structures more prone to environmental contamination.

In fact, it boasts a great non-stick that allows the glass to remain clean and protected from oxidation, dirt, limescale, pollution much longer than with any other treatment.

It is particularly suitable for large buildings with hard to reach surfaces such as glass roofs, large verandas or for which cleaning interventions are more complicated and expensive.

TECNOCLEAN 2002/60 is an easy-to-apply treatment.

Thanks to a chemical reaction between Tecnoclean 2002/60 and the silica contained in glass and glazed ceramic, the porosity of the glass (not visible to the naked eye) is completely closed.

Thus the hydrophobic properties of the surface are increased, eliminating any possible adherence point for dirt and limescale and sodium deposits.

Without a specific treatment like Tecnoclean 2002/60, glass over time loses its transparency and brilliance. TECNOCLEAN is the tool to protect the transparency of the glass for a long time, for bright and clean glasses longer, for glasses that are easy to keep clean even without or with a few detergents.

The product is also indicated for the used glass. In this case it is necessary a thorough cleaning that brings the glass back to conditions similar to the new glass. For particularly damaged glass, the use of Superglass is recommended.

Tecnoclean 2002/60 is a permanent treatment, resistant to acids and alkalis, removable only by abrasion, with cerium oxide or abrasive sponges, for example. It is not a film, it does not contain silicone, it can not be detached from the glass, it does not yellow over time.

Fields of use of the TECNOCLEAN 2002/60 treatment

– buildings with glass facades

-lets, shelters, glass parapets

– You are close to irrigation

-serre in glass

In general, glasses difficult to reach for cleaning and glass subject to strong environmental / atmospheric pollution


For professional use such as shower box manufacturers and glassworks:

– 5 liter oil (performance: 45/75 square meters / liter spray / buffer)

– 1 liter bottle

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