Company profile Products for cleaning and protecting glass and ceramics

Our glass and ceramic protection products are the result of 40 years’ experience in researching and experimenting with materials and have been affirmed for many years throughout Europe.
The passion for innovations and technologies combined with the experience gained in the chemical and industrial field of ceramics has allowed us to fine-tune our products and make available to the building and glass industry the most suitable solutions for the treatment protective glass. We put at your disposal our technical expertise and the flexibility gained through years of experience to resolve all issues.

We are on the market with our products since 1999, the TECNOCLEAN treatment has now established itself as a treatment for glass that is easy to clean and to keep clean, to create a better quality of glass, protected against contamination and surface aggressions and aging. The application is simple and fast, the duration of the treatment is excellent. Our products are safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic

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Our services

TECNOCLEAN for the glassmaker and glass producers

For water-repellent, dirty-repellent, anti-drip and anti-limescale glass surfaces. The treatment solves the problems related to the imprints of the working suction cups. Glass protection treatment exposed to saltiness and sandy winds. Stop limescale for the shower enclosures.

TECNOCLEAN for artistic glassworks

Protection against oxidation and discoloration of stained glass and precious glassware such as chandeliers, vases and more.

TECNOCLEAN for architects

With a minimal additional cost, all the treated glass surfaces remain protected and transparent for many years, and are therefore as beautiful as new – with minimal maintenance costs and efforts.

TECNOCLEAN for solar panels with glass cover

The TECNOCLEAN solar treatment is 100% transparent, the surface remains cleaner then the standard yield and therefore the efficiency of the panels is increased. Protection against smog, organic residues, limestone deposits, scratches. The treated surfaces remain cleaner and therefore more durable over time. lengthening of maintenance times easy and quick cleaning. UV stability, long duration of treatment.

TECNOCLEAN for the bathroom – kitchen – dentist medical offices – Hygiene food companies

the treatment with anti-scale and antibacterial effect that remains over time. Quick and easy cleaning for shower enclosures (to be treated inside), tiles, all glass surfaces. The water slips away and does not stick, the limescale roughness is no longer a problem. The glass remains transparent and shinier for longer. Kind to the environment: less detergents needed for cleaning.

TECNOCLEAN for machine windows, trains, buses, boating.

Dirty-repellent effect: insect stains that are easy to clean. It helps the wipers function: clearer view, more safety. Only the outer sides of the windows are treated.