COD . 3360/150

water repellent treatment for greater transparency and clarity of the windows and protection against contamination, scratches and wear, bacteria.


TECNOCLEAN 150 transparency is perfect to erase the annoying and unsightly impressions of the working suction cups forever!

TECNOCLEAN 150 is a nanotechnological treatment for the transparency and protection of glass. Through a chemical reaction, the glass closes its porosity permanently. The result is greater transparency and greater clarity to the objects protected by the glass itself, with an anti-reflective effect. The glass is protected from scratches and wear caused by abrasive atmospheric agents such as sea winds or sandy winds.
TECNOCLEAN 150 is widely used to protect exterior windows, glass roofs and doors that are more stressed by polluting and aggressive factors through smog, corrosion, scratches and UV rays that alter its appearance and cause it to deteriorate prematurely.

TECNOCLEAN 150 makes the surface water repellent, keeping it clean longer and easier to clean. The intervals between the maintenance are lengthened because the surface is protected from dirt, smog, stains, fingerprints.

The treatment is easy to apply.

It is permanent: only the abrasion can deteriorate TECNOCLEAN 150, in this case it is necessary to restore the treatment with a second simple passage of the product.

The product is also indicated the used glass. Thorough cleaning is necessary to bring the glass back to similar conditions to the new one. In case of encrustation or oxidation, the use of Superglass is recommended.

TECNOCLEAN 150 is not a pellicolating product. It does not contain silicone so it can not come off the surface and does not turn yellow over time.

The fields of use of the TECNOCLEAN 150 transparency treatment
Greater transparency on windows of external structures, verandas, greenhouses, windows, glass doors, stair parapets, glass shelves, shop windows, skylights, glass covers, glass of vehicles: cars, buses, trains, boats


For industrial use:

– 5 liters

– 1 liter bottle

Performance TECNOCLEAN 150 transparency: 45-75 sqm / liter spray / buffer

For individuals:

– bottle 125 ml

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