SUPERGLASS for cleaning strongly oxidized or encrusted glass with limestone and / or environmental pollutants, which are not removed with acids or other anti-scale products.

SUPERGLASS removes stains (including cement), limestone, oxidation from atmospheric factors and saltiness, opacity and yellowing, light scratches and minor scratches, external contaminants and smog deposits and pollution of all kinds.

It makes the glass used transparent as new, unless it is seriously damaged.

The product is the result of a mixture of rare earths, does not contain poisons and is not harmful to the environment.

This cleaner can be applied on all glass supports and also on various types of metals without altering their primary aesthetic properties.

Superglass is indispensable in the cleaning of used glass before applying any special glass treatment such as Tecnoclean, Solar and Superglass, which act exclusively in the presence of a completely “naked” or new glass.

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