Glass Care 60

– Non-pyrolytic metallic coating for solar control glass

Glass Care is a non-pyrolytic metal coating, to be applied in a simple way, usable on new glass or on already installed windows.

Glass Care combines the hydrophobic effects of Tecnoclean with those of solar control of noble metal nanopowders.

Metal coatings are widely used in modern architecture because they allow energy savings thanks to the filter of solar rays. In this way a reduction of the energy and UV transmission from the outside of the houses inside is obtained, and to a lower dispersion of the heat from the inside to the outside.

Tests carried out by institutes specializing in the study of glass compare two float glass 4 mm, the first treated with Tecnoclean 2002/60 (water repellent without nanopowders) and the second with Glass Care 60 (water repellent + nanopowders of noble metals). The results clearly indicate the benefits of glass treated with Glass Care compared to a glass not treated with a metallic coating.

Increase of light transmission factor (TL), decrease of light reflection factor (RL), reduction of solar energy (solar factor) transmitted from outside to inside the room, very high filtering of UV rays.

In other words, these values ​​demonstrate that Glass Care / 60 is a metallic coating that can be classified as a selective coating, which transforms float glass without solar control glass coatings, which reflects infrared and UV rays but lets visible light pass.

Some metal coatings, on the other hand, decrease the thermal dispersion of the glass by lowering the Ug value but lowering the TL, ie the amount of visible light that passes through the window.

The values ​​shown above refer to a single glass. Greater effects will be achieved by assembling treated glass in double glazing or laminated glass.

The glass treated with Glass Care / 60 therefore allows energy savings in winter, preventing the dispersion of heat from inside the house outside, and in summer filtering the infrared rays that contribute to the heating of the room.

Moreover, by reducing the transmission of UV rays, the phenomenon of discoloration is reduced, that is the alteration of the colors of the objects subjected to solar irradiation exposed for example in the windows.

Glass Care is the only existing product that allows to obtain a glass with a metallic coating from a normal glass. Black films have existed for many years, with the same purpose,

or paints, resins, films, but over time all these solutions deteriorate and the glass looks ruined or stained.

Glass Care has excellent durability on glass, sometimes even for years. The duration is conditioned by a correct initial application (and possibly by a correct preliminary cleaning of the used glass), by the most aggressive atmospheric conditions such as sandy or marine wind, constant irrigation jets, too energetic or abrasive cleaning.

Glass Care is the ideal solution to renovate and protect already installed glass surfaces, especially in areas of high environmental pollution.

Fields of application of Glass Care 60

ONLY for external side and for non-filmed surfaces, not mirrored, unpainted.

– buildings with glass facades

– windows, skylights and glass doors

-pensilines, canopies, verandas

– glass parapets

-lets of shops and supermarkets


For professional use:

– 5 liter oil (performance: 45/75 square meters / liter spray / buffer)

– 1 liter bottle

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