treatment for covering glass of bsp solar cells and photovoltaic panels in areas of high pollution
TECNOCLEAN 33/02 / 05S


One of the main causes of loss of efficiency of photovoltaic panels and solar cells are dust in the air, smog and pollution in general, animal excrement, limestone, sodium, fats, and other organic residues deposited and crystallized on panels themselves.
This opacification of the surface of the covering glass reduces the passage of the light radiation and the consequence of all this is the progressive decrease of the conversion factor of the device, also considerably. Only with a surface that is always clean, not obscured by dirt and dust, it is possible to convert the maximum of sunlight into electrical energy.

The SOLARTEC nanotechnology treatment, perfectly tuned to the glass surface of the solar panel, contains an antistatic active ingredient that prevents the firm adhesion of particles of any kind on the surface of the covering glass and already with the rain or with the jet water the effect self-cleaning is mobilized, which prevents fouling and extends maintenance time. The future cleaning of the panels will generally be easier and even faster to perform.
TECNOCLEAN solar is a completely transparent coating, it is ultra-light with 100 NM of thickness, it is not film-forming, it does not contain silicone and therefore the treated surface will never become yellow with the passage of time.
The application is implemented within a reasonable time. The duration of the treatment is excellent, since the solar panels are not stressed by abrasive and harmful treatments.
The treatment does not attack the silicone seals of the solar panel. In rare cases it may leave a darker halo on the aluminum / metal coatings, but it does not alter the operation and performance of the panels.

A surface with water-repellent and anti-dirt features can increase the yield and efficiency of solar panels up to 15% – 25%.

Solar Tec 60 increases the standard output and therefore the efficiency of the panels.

On new panels, no special preventive cleaning is required. On the panels used, the panels must be reprinted in a condition similar to the new glass. In case of scales or oxidations difficult to remove, the use of Superglass is indicated.

– 5 liter tank.
Performance: 45-75m2 / liter spray / buffer.

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