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for the glass of coverage of solar panels


The most important problem for the solar panel owners who want to maintain the solar installation always operating at peak efficiency is how to keep it clean. Dirty panels block the sunlight.
Atmospheric pollution, dust, smog , excrements of animals, oil, other crystallized organic residues and the deposits of limestone and sodium will dull the glass surface and reduce the passage of the bright radiation.
Only a clean surface offers the possibility to convert the maximum of solar light in electric energy and increases
the efficiency of the solar panels up to 15%-20%.
TECNOCLEAN - Solar is a professional product of Nanotechnology , perfectly tuned in to the glass surface
of the solar panel. It contains an active anti-static principle that prevents the firm adhesion of particles of any nature
on the glass surface . With the rain or with hard water the treated surface is quick and easy to clean, and this will prevent
the formation of dirt deposits.
The future cleanings of the panel will be easier in general and also faster to perform.

The benefits TECNOCLEAN - Solar for solar panels:
- a clean surface products more electric output
- protection against environmental pollutants, hard water mineral deposits
- higher resistance against weathering, scratches, marks
- more transparency improves the solar efficiency
- reduced cleaning circles: easy to clean and easy to keep clean
- protection against marks
- increased efficiency from having cleaner panels
- UV light stability
- The covered surface does not turn yellow over time
- Very good lifetime of the treatment
- the treatment doesn't attack the gaskets in silicone
- simple handling on new panels. Used panels need a accurate cleaning before the covering with TECNOCLEAN – Solar .

TECNOCLEAN – Solar is a completely transparent covering, it is ultra-light with 100 Nm of thickness, it is not a sealer that forms a film on the surface.
Trough a special chemical action TECNOCLEAN – Solar is able to fuse with the silica that is present in glass, modifying the surface creating a single layer. This modification provides highly increased hydrophobic properties of the surface, eliminating every point of possible adherence for all types of harmful contaminants: environmental pollutants and hard water mineral deposits.
The glass maintains its original clarity and won’t turn yellow over the time.
The TECNOCLEAN - Solar treatment uses a chemical reaction, which binds it – with a single application only – to the vitreous surface rendering it non-stick, water-repellent, dirt-repellent, antibacterial and gives the surface best long-time protection against marks staining and corrosion, considering that the solar panels are usually not solicited by abrasive and harmful treatments.
The handling is simple and quick: apply on the new, clean and dry surface, no other special preparations are necessary.
Only used surfaces need a accurate pre-treatment with Remov50Gel: all lime-scale deposits must be perfectly removed because the TECNOCLEAN -Solar treatment would be ineffective if applied over old lime-scale deposits.
Apply with a cotton roll or spray on the new, clean and dry surface. After 30-40 minutes clean with water and dry off.
The lifetime of the covering is excellent, considering that the solar panels are not solicited by abrasive and harmful treatments.
TECNOCLEAN -Solar does not attack the gaskets in silicone of the solar panels. In rare cases it could leave a darker halo on the gaskets of aluminium / metal, what however doesn't alter the operation and the output of the panels.
Packaging: we offer TECNOCLEAN solar in can 5 litre.
Performance: 45sm -75sm/ with 1 litre spray-application /application with cotton-roll
protection for solar panels, efficiency and output always at the most.
Clean less, increase efficiency!

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